Cost: $395.00 plus $60.00 Material Fee

About this class

Reiki, pronounced “Ray Key,” means “universal life force energy,” and is an ancient art designed to increase your healing energy throughout your body. There are specific Reiki teachings along with attunements/initiations makes Reiki a universally necessay class for everyone interested in understanding their own healing potential.  Reiki is a hands-on healing technique which balances the flow of energy in one’s body.  Reiki is simple, yet can easily be applied anywhere, with anyone, anytime, and combined with any other healing modality. Reiki is very versatile. In class, you will experience a full Reiki attunement of both Levels I and II. You will learn about the various symbols of Reiki and the hand placements to be used during a full body healing session, as well as, being useful for self healing. The class has lots of hands-on opportunities for practice. Upon completion you will receive a frameable Reiki I and II certificate. Dusty believe’s that Reiki is a “MUST HAVE” for anyone who touches in a healing capacity or just touches, meaning everyone.


Why Us?

Most massage programs have a ‘one size fits all’ standard curriculum that every student follows to completion. We offer many different elective classes for you to choose at convenient times. These courses offer a very advanced level of specialized education taught by experienced instructors.

Here at the Advanced School of Massage Therapy, our 550 Hour program will enable you to take the new California State Exam in order to become a Certified Massage Therapist.