As I wrap up my basic hours for the advanced school of massage therapy I just wanted to reflect on the wonderful experience I had with Lisa my teacher and the rest of the staff. I reached out to a few massage schools with little success or information until I talked to Lisa at the massage center. She had me in the school and signed up just a few days later. The massage center was the only school offering programs during the lockdowns of 2020-2021. All of the classes were online but the level of preparedness and professionalism the staff showed was incredible. All of the teachers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in different areas of massage. They made it fun and exciting to learn different styles and techniques to use on my clients. The school and the clinic provided me with everything I needed and made it an unforgettable experience. I have been massaging for 5 months now but if you were to ask any of my clients they would tell you it feels like that I am a 10-year pro! I would like to thank the whole staff because i could not imagine going to another school and I highly recommend the Advanced School of Massage Therapy for anyone looking to enter the field of massage therapy.