Reflexology I & II

Cost:  $395.00 plus $10.00 for materials

About this class

The Advanced School of Massage Therapy is proud to offer a comprehensive Reflexology I & II course designed to provide aspiring Reflexologists with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience required to excel in this rewarding field. This two-part course is an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in helping others achieve optimal health and well-being through the ancient art of Reflexology.

Course Overview:

Reflexology I: Foundations of Reflexology In the first part of the course, students will be introduced to the foundations of Reflexology, including its history, basic principles, and theories. They will gain an in-depth understanding of the reflexology map and the connections between reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears, and various organs and systems within the body. Students will learn various Reflexology techniques such as thumb walking, finger walking, and hook and backup.

Reflexology II: Advanced Techniques and Professional Development Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in Reflexology I, the second part of the course delves deeper into advanced Reflexology techniques, assessment skills, and treatment customization. Students will learn how to identify imbalances and create tailored treatment plans for clients with specific needs. Additionally, they will be introduced to ethics, professionalism, and best practices for running a successful Reflexology practice.

Key Course Components:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology: Gain a thorough understanding of the feet, hands, and ears' structure and functions, as well as the body systems they represent.
  2. Reflexology Techniques: Master a wide array of Reflexology techniques to effectively stimulate reflex points and facilitate healing.
  3. Assessment and Customization: Develop the ability to assess clients' needs, identify imbalances, and create tailored treatment plans for optimal results.
  4. Hands-On Practice: Participate in practical sessions, guided by experienced instructors, to gain hands-on experience in a supportive learning environment.
  5. Ethics and Professionalism: Understand the ethical guidelines and best practices for maintaining a high standard of professionalism in your practice.
  6. Business and Marketing: Acquire essential knowledge and skills to start, grow, and manage a successful Reflexology practice, including marketing, client retention, and practice management strategies.

Certification and Career Opportunities:

Upon successful completion of the Reflexology I & II course, students will be eligible to take the certification exam to become certified Reflexologists. With this certification, graduates can start their own businesses, work in spas or wellness centers, or even offer Reflexology services in hospitals and clinics.

Enroll Today and Unlock Your Potential:

Are you ready to start a fulfilling career in Reflexology and make a difference in people's lives? Enroll in our Reflexology I & II course today and begin your journey towards becoming a skilled and compassionate Reflexologist.

Ethical standards will be covered. This is a required class. Ethics is on the MBLEX.


Why Us?

Most massage programs have a ‘one size fits all’ standard curriculum that every student follows to completion. We offer many different elective classes for you to choose at convenient times. These courses offer a very advanced level of specialized education taught by experienced instructors.

Here at the Advanced School of Massage Therapy, our 550 Hour program will enable you to take the new California State Exam in order to become a Certified Massage Therapist.