Student Therapist

The Massage Center Clinic provides a comfortable, professional atmosphere with private clinic rooms staffed by highly trained, courteous, student practitioners.

Our students go through a very thorough training program before they are allowed to start working in the Student Center.

In addition to theraputic Massage Therapy the Massage Center Clinic provides specialty massages listed below. For theraputic techniques not listed please contact us.

**Please note that tips for your therapist cannot be included in credit card or check amounts.


Pregnancy Massage

Chiropractic/Therapeutic Massage

Trigger Point


Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release

Acupressure for Relaxation


Sports Massage

What people say about Massage Center

I’ve been coming here for years. This place never disappoints! I’ve loved every massage I’ve had here, from more intense sports massage to relaxing, rejuvenating light touch.

Melissa Mathews
Google Review

I have been there twice. In both cases the staff were friendly and professional. Most importantly, the massages were excellent. The therapists were highly responsive and well trained. If you haven't given this place a try, you should!

Steve Carter
Google Review