FAQ Transfer Student Program

Transfer Student Program

Transfer Students Questions Answered – FAQ

We call students Transferred when they have completed a certain number of hours from previous massage therapy school training, but these previous hours are not enough to currently get CAMTC (CAMTC.org) Certified through the State of California. CAMTC requires a minimum of 500 hours to become Certified in California. Transferred students who would like to become Certified can come to the Massage Center with their Transcripts from their prior educational experience and finish the hours needed to get Certified.

This also includes students who were CAMTC certified in the past at 250 hours but let their license lapse and now are unable to get CAMTC certified at the 500 hour level since CAMTC no longer offers the 250-hour level and they do not have 500 hours to recertify. Students can come back to school and finish the additional hours needed to get their license updated to 500 hours and become certified with CAMTC once again.

First, they need to acquire their Transcripts from the Massage school they had previously attended. Next, email Jessica at [email protected] that you are a Transferred Massage student and would like to set up an appointment to go over what you need to do to complete your hours and become CAMTC certified.

It takes much less time than if you had to do the whole program. It can take anywhere from 3 – 5 months depending on how many hours you need.

CAMTC has a list of schools across the nation that have been approved. When you meet with Jessica, she will call CAMTC and find out exactly what school hours will count. Then she will customize a plan for you at the Massage Center that will meet the requirements necessary for you to get Certified.

It depends on how many hours you completed in your previous education. CAMTC has a maximum amount of hours that they will accept. Jessica will make sure you meet this requirement but that you do not exceed it.

It is a lot cheaper to be in a set program like this. We give a significant discount to those returning to school. In addition, the CAMTC process is quicker when you are in one program from one school. Otherwise, for every school you submit hours from, CAMTC will need to look at each school and research each school’s approval standards. This can take more time in getting you certified and can be more costly to you in the long run. The saving can be in the thousands.

Each student’s hour requirements are different so it varies. There is however a maximum cap that we do not go over so that the student gets the education they need at a very reasonable cost.

CAMTC was created to set a standard for Massage professionals that helps Massage businesses and the public know which applicants have acquired the knowledge necessary to work in the field. They conduct background checks so that businesses can be confident in who they are hiring. Most massage establishments in California use CAMTC standards to narrow down their search on who they are going to hire, so your outlook for possible job prospects after you graduate is greatly increased compared to not getting CAMTC certified.

Yes, since the classes are taught by a different teacher, yet CAMTC would like to see a variety of new classes that the student has taken when they return to school.

Yes. Massage Center offers about 25 different elective classes that the student can take to advance their massage career offerings. These classes can expand your clientele and offer new avenues for your career once you graduate.

Yes. We offer a Basic Massage course where you can get a refresher on basic massage skills.

Yes. Most transfer students do not meet the CAMTC minimum requirements for Anatomy and Physiology. This is a once per week class for 10 weeks that goes over all the Anatomy needed to get your hours and skills up to state standards.

Please, visit the CAMTC.org website for updates on any required testing to get your CAMTC certificate. Jessica can also speak with you about the current requirements.

Any further questions, please contact Jessica, our admissions advisor at [email protected]. Please provide your name and phone number in the email so she can contact you right away. You can also include your transcripts if you have them, so she can review them before she calls.