Review from the perspective of a current ASMT student who is nearing the end of basic and midway through electives: If I could summarize my experience with ASMT thus far in one word I would say “holistic”. As a philisophy, a holistic approach is “charaxterized by comprehension of the parts as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”. ASMT offers a program that keeps me engaged and excited to come to class every day. I began the whole program in January 2021, while COVID was still at its height, and ASMT still managed to pull off what most people would deem impossible; Lisa has instructed the fundamentals of massage while coordinating all of the other instructors and elective classes offered OVER ZOOM!!!! Though a difficult feat, no doubt, every class offers valuable content that really give emphasis to the schools name, “advanced”. I have, thus far, been fortunate enough to take classes with Tina M, Robyn S, Sierra, Faegann and Sofia and they have each broadened my perspective and added incredibly useful tools to my proverbial toolbox! In just 3 months I have developed a more comprehensive understanding of body work then I have in nearly 10 years experience as a fitness professional. ASMT’s manager, Lisa, (and really every instructor) goes above and beyond to offer little gold nuggets of their extensive experience in the field and even include a more synergistic approach of body and mind! I now have a profound respect for massage therapy and really love being able to apply these principals to my work. My hat is off to ASMT for bringing together such a wonderful community of healers! I am so grateful for my experience so far and truly looking forward to getting more hands on time with the instructors and clients of ASMT!