Helle Leap

Being born and raised in Denmark, where massage therapy has been a part of life and accepted for many years. I understand the need that everyone has for massage. With 20 years experience as a successful Chiropractor, I have a passion to teach the wonders of massage therapy and the various modalities of the healing arts.

My programs are INNOVATIVE and EXCITING reflecting the changing fluid environment of massage therapy. I have customized my programs to meet each student’s individual needs so YOU can use your education to create the massage practice of YOUR CHOICE.

Because of my passion to IMPROVE PEOPLE’S LIVES and TO PROVIDE A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, I founded the Massage Center in 1997 and have graduated hundreds of successful and skilled therapists.

We are known for our community involvement, including students providing healing at many charities helping less fortunate people in our community.

I have designed the course for someone just like YOU to complete your personal goal of entering the massage therapy industry within 5 months.