Massage Center Work/Study Program

In order to qualify for this program, you must demonstrate a strong desire to enter the Massage Therapy profession. The application process includes:

  • Submitting 2 references
  • Writing an essay (500 - 1000 words) or submitting a video (4-5 minutes)
  • Participating in an interview

Please note that acceptance into the program is not guaranteed and will be based on a thorough evaluation of each applicant.


Upon acceptance, students are required to:

  • Sign and adhere to ALL the requirements of the 550-hour enrollment agreement
  • Complete an additional hours of clinical internship

A non-refundable registration fee of $250 is also applicable.


The Massage Center Work/Study Program offers students an opportunity to save on tuition fees. By participating in the work/study program, students can potentially reduce their overall costs and make their Massage Therapy education more affordable.

For more information on the potential cost savings and how the program can benefit you, please contact Jessica, our program coordinator. Jessica will be happy to discuss the specific details of the program, including the various options available to help reduce your expenses.


Please keep in mind that the content provided here serves as a general overview of our Work/Study Program. The exact details of the program will be discussed individually with Jessica, who will provide comprehensive information on the potential cost savings and benefits you can expect.

We encourage all interested individuals to reach out to Jessica directly to learn more about the Massage Center Work/Study Program and explore how it can help you achieve your career goals in Massage Therapy.